Wrest Point History & Heritage

In the mid 1930s a local entrepreneur – Arthur Drysdale bought the land where the casino now sits with a dream of creating a prestigious international hotel. The Riviera Hotel was built in the most challenging times and yet Drysdale’s determination made sure of its success.

In the early 1950s our former chairman Greg Farrell senior and his wife Dolores had their honeymoon at the Riviera – the connection they felt to the property and the state was immediate. A connection that would eventually see Greg Farrell senior develop the first legal casino in Australia.

On 10th February 1973, the doors opened. The development – Wrest Point – had a profound impact on the community. Boosting economic confidence and paving the way for the state’s thriving hospitality and tourism industries.

Wrest Point continued to grow and develop through the decades and is now under the custodianship of Greg and Delores’s children – Greg, John, Julia, Deborah and Jane.

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